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As the cooler temps descend upon us, there’s nothing better than snuggling up with a cozy throw blanket at the lake house. Any place will do… on the porch with some hot cocoa, in front of the fireplace, in bed with a good book, or sprawled out on the couch. It’s one of those iconic experiences that we can all relate to as lake house people.

The trick is finding the perfect blanket that looks beautiful in the space and also feels like a dream. Having a super cozy throw blanket you love is one of those little luxuries in lake life that makes a big difference.

In this post, we’re sharing the best throw blanket options around– from chunky knit, to Sherpa, to faux fur, to heated, weighted, bougie, practical, and everything in between. There should be something for everyone! (And if there isn’t, please let us know!) We think you’ll find them beautiful, functional, and most importantly– COZY.


1. Tache White Ivory Super Soft Warm Polar Faux Fur with Sherpa Throw Blanket (Amazon)

How inviting is this? The perfect setting to kick off our exploration of the best cozy throw blankets on the market today. If you’re looking for a warm, faux fur number— this one will do a lovely job! And there are several colors (and sizes) available to match your existing décor.

2. Sherpa Fleece Blanket (Amazon)

I absolutely fell in love with this when I saw it! For my lake house peeps who just adore the coastal design style, this cozy sherpa throw will be a no-brainer. It’s warm, neutral, and lovely— and could easy be displayed out in your space when you’re not cuddled up in it.

3. Chunky Knit (Amazon)

Most of us have drooled over one of these chunky knit blankets at some point over the past few years, and while we have wanted one, we have been put off by the price. Now that I understand what it costs to actually make one of these beauties, I appreciate the price tag a lot more! (See #17 which is a DIY option for one of these!)

Chunky knit throw blankets are actually quite controversial in product reviews because they do cost a pretty penny and the fact that they are made with straight wool (as opposed to yarn), they are fragile even when they are well made. These amazon options– the same listings, different colors– are reasonably priced and have a ton of great reviews. I think it’s the most practical option for a “starter” chunky knit throw blanket. But be forewarned– due to the nature of the material it’s made with (wool) it will shed and will not hold up well to heavy wear.

4. Cotton Napper — Chunky Throw (

If you’re FOR SURE on the market for a chunky throw and you’re willing and excited to pay for a more luxury option– this is a great one. It’s made from cotton instead of wool, so it will hold up better and add a high end luxury vibe to anywhere you display it. (If your heart is set on a high end pure wool version, this is the place to shop. Again– it’s more ornamental than functional if you want it to hold up– but these Peru made merino wool chunky throws are STUNNERS!)

5. Winter Cabin Throw Blanket (Amazon)

If you love a rustic plaid blanket as much as I do, you’ll be immediately drawn to this one! It’s quite large, cozy and warm, and would add a lovely accent to your homey cabin.

6. Extra Soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket 50″ x 60″ (Amazon)

If you adore a cozy, fluffy, white blanket as much as I do, this one is a winner! It’s priced SO reasonably and the reviews are excellent! Just keep the dogs off of it so it stays white and it will elevate the space by adding texture and understated elegance.

7. Cozy Cable Knit Throw with Sherpa Lining (Amazon)

For the more dainty and soft space, you can’t go wrong with this sweet cable knit number. And I just LOVE that they threw in the sherpa lining so you’re sure to stay cozy while remaining poised. This will look just beautiful left out on a couch, rocking chair, or throw blanket ladder.

8. Woolrich Down Alternative Plaid Throw (Amazon)

Super practical and reasonably priced, this cozy and rustic throw blanket is perfect for the quintessential cabin or rustic home. It comes in other colors and designs if you prefer something with a little more character than this neutral charcoal.

9. Comfort Knit Heated Blanket (Amazon)

Our lake house is in Northern Wisconsin and the winters there are gorgeous but brutal. A heated blanket is an absolute MUST at night and we thought you might be in the same boat. If you need cozy warmth on steroids– here’s your perfect match. These are a higher end Amazon find with lots of colors and sizes available to serve every electric blanket need.

10. The 365 Blanket (

We wrap our babies in Muslin so why not indulge ourselves, too? We deserve it! This is another luxury brand with several colors and sizes available. This is sort of the “calgon take me away” of luxury blankets! Especially if you love cotton and live somewhere that isn’t totally bitter cold.

11. Mudcloth Double-Layer Bamboni Throw Blanket (Saranoni)

Have you heard of Saranoni? This is a luxury blanket company with tons of gorgeous blankets of all sizes, designs, and functions. I love this looker with it’s slightly tribal vibe. Perfect for a lodge design style or cozy cottage.

12. Cozy Pom Pom Sherpa Throw (Pottery Barn)

For the home that loves all things bougie and striking, look no further than this Pottery barn sherpa throw. You’ll be comfy and styling snuggling up in this beauty!

13. Amazon Basics Ultra-Soft Micromink Sherpa Blanket – Throw, Charcoal

This one is Miss Practicality! It’s affordable, cozy, and would be a wonderful companion on a chilly day. The reviews are excellent as well! (LOTS of colors and patterns available.)

14. The Connecticut Home Company Soft Fluffy Shag Bed Throw Blanket (Amazon)

I absolutely had to include a shag blanket, didn’t I? This one is gorgeous and fluffy and cozy– and the reviews are top notch! It comes in lots of different colors if this dusted rose isn’t quite your vibe.

15. Cabin Wool Blend Throw Blanket (Anthropologie)

If you want something that will look expensive and add amazing texture to your space (in addition to being your snuggle buddy)– this cabin wool throw from Anthropolgie is a great, higher end option. Isn’t she dreamy??

16. Ultra Plush Weighted Blanket (Amazon)

Have you ever tried a weighted blanket? They are EXCELLENT for people who don’t sleep well or struggle with anxiety. Here’s a well written, easy to understand medical article that goes into the science for why they work.

I personally tried one just to see if it would help me sleep more soundly and I was delighted with the results. This version is extra soft so it’s likely to keep you warm and cozy while you sleep. If you tend to get really hot, you may prefer something more like this.

17. Feeling crafty? Do you love DIY projects? Why not knit your own?

This is an Etsy listing for a knitting pattern for a chunky knit blanket. It’s a great pattern and you don’t even need knitting needles! This blanket is knit in an afternoon on your arms. Easy enough for beginners! Here is the recommended “yarn” which needs to be so heavy duty it’s literally natural merino wool.


Are there any other phenomenal cozy throw blankets we should know about?? Please tell us in the comments!

Happy Snuggling!!