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It feels so crazy that fall is already upon us! Summer by the lake flew by like a hazy dream and all of a sudden it’s time for back-to-school supplies, pumpkin spice, warmer duds, shorter days, and the cutest fall decor I think I’ve ever seen.

A few weeks ago when it was time to button up at the lake house and head home before school started I was throwing the biggest silent hissy fit of my life. I was NOT ready to leave the calling loons on the lake, the slow mornings, and the evening pontoon boat cruises.

But now that it’s feeling quite a bit more like fall, I’m savoring my coffee a little more deeply with that essence of pumpkin spice and secretly enjoying the quieter house with the kiddos back in school.

So here we go with a round up of 8 gorgeous fall wreaths for your front door that you can still grab before the leaves officially drop. I can’t wait to hear which is your favorite!

Click the corresponding number to view wreath details.

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