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Are you looking for some fresh bathroom décor ideas to update a cabin or lake house bathroom? Lake House Livin’ did a one-day DIY bathroom renovation and we’re thrilled with the results! We made a few easy and impactful changes that we hope might inspire you to plan your own bathroom décor DIY project. Now, our lake house guest bath is very inviting due to some easy and fun restyling moves!


As we scanned for bathroom décor ideas, we noticed the gold sink faucets looked very dated as well as the cabinet pulls and knobs. The artwork and shower curtain weren’t up to date either and as a result the space felt cramped and dark. We needed to do a refresh but it had to be on a budget. We knew we weren’t making any big investments in new countertops or flooring consequently confining the project’s budget. Also, the changes had to be things we could do quickly and easily. We went straight to work and made a list of ideas that we knew we could do that would also be impactful.

Sink and Tub Areas

Right from the start we knew the faucets in the double sinks had to be replaced. Chrome’s already in the bathroom so we picked it as our new finish for the bathroom hardware. We chose a tall, chrome, single handle waterfall style faucets that would produce a really fresh effect. The new chrome towel bar, toilet paper holder, and chrome cabinet pulls and knobs all completed the look and amped up the bath’s appearance immediately!

Our next task was the tub area. The very first issue we noticed was the dark shower curtain. It was a pretty curtain, but the dark colors reflected in the mirror across from it– making the whole room feel darker and smaller. So for the replacement, we chose a nature-themed curtain with light, neutral colors. Now, the creamy light colors reflect in the mirror and the whole room feels bigger and brighter. WIN!  Another fun surprise was that the embroidery in the shower curtain pulled out the gray, white and wheat tones from the floor and countertop resulting in the room having a sharp ‘pulled-together’ look!

Artwork and Accessories

The final step of our DIY project was to replace the old wall artwork.  We love the Lake House décor theme and therefore stayed with the look. But, we chose our new rustic bathroom accessories in a neutral color palette resulting in a brighter vibe. A last-minute decision was to replace the dark moose lamp on the countertop with a clear glass lamp with a creamy colored shade. After the new wall artwork and lamp were added it brightened the room dramatically. And, the resin moose projecting into the room above the toilet provides an eye-catching pop!  FUN!  Once again, the results were so much better than what we expected!

DIY Project Costs

We couldn’t believe it, but we did this DIY project in one day!  The DIY project only cost $420 due to our careful plan (see the detailed cost analysis in the table below). Remember that we have two sinks resulting in an extra faucet expense for our project. So, if you have just one sink, your project cost drops to under $350!  YEAH!

Detailed DIY Project Costs

Bathroom Décor Item Items Costs Costs with two sinks Costs with one sink
Jakarda Waterfall  Sink Faucets (Amazon) $79.99 $159.98 $79.99
Lake Décor project: Lamp and Artwork items:                  Hammered glass lamp,  Moose head, Time to Explore sign, Bear Silhouette and Carabiner framed pictures (Hobby Lobby) Glass Lamp $17.50

Moose $55

Time to Explore Sign $13

Carabiner frames $25 each

Bear silhouette $10

$160.50 $160.50
Northwoods Style Shower curtain, hooks and liner (Amazon) $42.00 $42.00 $42.00
8 Cabinet Pulls & knobs (Amazon) $2.72 $21.76 $21.76
Towel Rack & Toilet paper holder Tuscany Forden (Menards) $18 towel rack  $18 toilet paper holder $36.00 $36.00
Total $420.24 $340.25

Lake House Livin’ hopes our successful DIY project inspires you to imagine your own bathroom décor ideas!  We’d love to hear your bath transformation stories so we might share them with other lake house owners dreaming about their bathroom remodel project!

A Few More Tips

Undoubtably, changing the faucets was the most complicated part of our project so we’re sharing a short YouTube video link giving you step by step instructions for a faucet replacement task: watch?v=EiVbTRcYnBk.

Also, should you plan to change cabinet hardware, select  knobs and pulls that use the existing drilled cabinet holes or those visible, unused holes will detract from your new décor. Unfortunately, some of the artwork from Hobby Lobby is sold out but we found some cute options for you to consider. Also, our shower curtain isn’t available from Bed Bath and Beyond but we spotted some good options from Wayfair.  Happy decorating!

Products used in Lake House Livin’s DIY Project: Guest Bathroom Remodel 

1. Tall Chrome Waterfall Sink Faucet with Options from Amazon.

2. Cabinet Pulls and Knobs Hardware in a chrome finish from Amazon.

3. Towel bar and toilet paper holder in a chrome finish from Menards.

4. Lake House décor style artwork and lamp from Hobby Lobby.

5. White nonslip bathmat from Amazon.

6. Shower Curtain options and accessories from Wayfair and Amazon.

7. Shower Curtain hooks in a chrome finish from Amazon.