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Is it just me, or do you also have a completely separate wardrobe for your lake house days?? There’s something about the Northwoods, the water, and the earthiness of it all that draws me in to cute and cozy outfits for fall that I wouldn’t be inclined to wear so much in my city life back home.

In my case also, the climate is so very different that the cooler weather fall clothes that I can almost never pull out in the Texas heat can be enjoyed almost year-round at the lake house.

This fall I found SO MANY cute and cozy clothes (one of the few benefits of the pandemic) and I’m excited to share them with you. I need you to know that I am on my 2nd pair of the slippers (#5) from Target because they are the perfect combo of comfy and practical. And I get SO many compliments on #16! I just love a waffle print– and it’s on Amazon! So easy. Numbers 1 & 8 are in my checkout carts as we speak— definitely got my eye on them!

Click the corresponding number to view fall outfit details.

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