Congratulations on your family’s decision to look for a lake house get-awayYou have probably zeroed in on where you want to buy your property and are sorting through real estate listing options You will immediately notice that different amenities are emphasized on lakefront listings than what you have seen with urban real estate listings. As a 25 year + homeowner, today I’m sharing my time tested secrets the lake house property features that really matter.

Here’s the scoop on what features really matter the most after many summers at the lake! Your budget and life style goals will ultimately drive what property is best for your family but some things matter more than othersSharing our proven experience should help you focus on the most critical features   

House features: 

  • More than one bathroom   Having more than one bathroom is especially importantYoull be having guests visit at some point and a second bathroom iworth the investment  
  • An expandable indoor eating area  Look for an indoor room for a group to easily eat inside Not every day will be sunny and clear so adequate indoor eating space is essential 
  • A functional kitchen You will need a kitchen that’s reasonably configured and allows for easy meal prep. Some lake property kitchens are smaller and not ideally designedEnvision how you might re-model in the future if this is the case.         
  • A lakeside deck or patio   Look for an outdoor dining space (deck or patio) that showcases the lakeYou’ll want a place to sit, eat and grill.    
  • Utility room for a washer and dryer   You will appreciate having your own washer and dryer rather than taking laundry to a laundromat.  
  • Room for a second refrigerator   A second fridge thold extra perishables and chill beverages is a bonus.     

Yard Features:   

  • Good views of the lake from inside the house   A well designed lake house offers great views of the lake from most roomsCheckout lake views for houses in bayas they may be obstructed  
  • Easy walk down to the water front  Lake side properties that sit up on a hill or bluff have lovely views but may have a steep walk to the lake on a small path or narrow staircase. Be confident that all your family members can easily negotiate thossteps or that path.     
  • yard space between the house and the shoreline   Lake water levels fluctuate from year to year so check that the house is set back far enough from the water to reduce the chance of a flood in the house    
  • A place to store your boat and lake toys   Look for an existing oversized garage or storage building for boats or identify a place to build one in the future 

Lake Features 

  • Good water quality    The quality of the lake’s water is critical to usage and enjoyment of the water. Quality issues to explore include water clarity, low algae blooms and local management of invasive plant species. The DNR and a Lake Association will both have information about these issues.    
  • Navigable lakefrontage, and dock    Lake frontage can be overgrown. Confirm that the beach area is sandy and that a boat can be docked at a pier and driven without lake obstructions such a tree stumps, sand bars, boulders, etc  DNR rules will apply to your ability to clear the frontage.    
  • Lake public access and boat launch facilities   Most lakes allow public access, but many lakes don’t have a public boat launchesIdentify a clear way to put your boats into the lake. 
  • Lake Usage Restrictions  Lakes can have usage restrictions such as no wake areas, dock restrictions, no usage of jet skis or motor boats, no water skiing or boat operation above a given speed, banned use of any petroleum fueled watercraft and more. Check for any restrictions before you purchase a property. 
  • Source of water for the Lake  Ask where the lake water comes from (watershed) and understand what factors might cause the lake’s water level to change.     

Keep this rundown of lake house property features that really matter handy as you sort through real estate listings in search of your perfect lake house.  Share the features with your Realtor so you focus on properties that meet your needs and offer these amenities

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Happy [lake] house hunting and good luck finding a home where your family will make a lifetime of happy memories as we have!