As Spring rolls around Lake House Livin’s thinking about summer fun at the lake house. But there’s a little work to be done before we can play! It’s time to make our plan for opening the cabin and spring clean-up so everything’s ‘ship shape’ by Memorial Day!  Here’s our 15 step checklist to make these  efforts go smoothly.

Scan the house exterior

A systemic plan for the opening the cabin ensures you don’t miss a problem! As you arrive at your cabin, scan the outside focusing on the following steps:

  1. Look for downed power lines, branches on the roof, broken windows, and any other unusual exterior issue.
  2. Check for any signs of a septic system failure (odor, standing water in the drainfield, etc.).
  3. Examine all the buildings including garages and sheds to be sure they’re still sturdy and secured.
  4. Check the propane tank’s gas level to be sure there’s fuel to start house systems. Inspect the power generator if one’s present.

 Firing-up the Inside Systems

Once your satisfied that things are good outside, head on into the house for steps for opening the cabin inside.

  1. Turn on the power breaker so there’s electricity if the power’s been off for the winter.
  2. Scan the inside of the cabin for signs of damage including burst pipes, critter debris, ceiling water spots, signs of mold or anything out of the ordinary.
  3. Begin the process of turning on the cabins key systems including:
  • -the water to the house from either the well pump or other water service
  • -water conditioner or softener if present
  • -re-light the hot water heater’s pilot light-if its off and turn up the water heater thermostat
  • -turn on the furnace and check thermostat setting(s)
  • -test sump and lift pumps to confirm they’re operational
  1. Change air filters, smoke detectors and CO2 detectors batteries.
  2. Plug in any appliances that were unplugged for the winter.
  3. Confirm that major appliances (refrigerator, stove, cooktop, etc.) are all working properly
  4. Turn on water faucets and flush toilets to be sure water is flowing into the house.

Once the exterior and internal house steps all finished and systems are operational, you can tackle the yard spring clean-up project steps next.

Yard Spring Clean-up

The late fall and winter months’ weather can create a mess in the yard. Between the dead leaves and broken tree twigs and branches, there’s a lot to pick up. Spring clean-up steps in the yard include:

  1. Clear away dead leaves, fallen branches, and other yard debris.
  2. Mow the grass if needed and prune and trim any trees or shrubs.
  3. Appropriately bag and dispose of the yard waste or compost it.

Dock inspection and installation

  1. Inspect the condition of the dock sections before installing the dock in the water. Verify that each section’s in good shape. Scan for and fix nail pops and more that can hurt bare feet. Install the dock or call the installation service.

We hope these 15 steps to tackle opening the cabin and spring clean up make the projects go smoothly! When the work’s complete you can start having fun. Please print off a copy of our 15 step checklist for easy reference and help with your cabin opening and spring clean-up efforts.

Finally, do you have any tips to share on how to make opening the cabin and Spring clean-up go more smoothly? The Lake House Livin’ team would love to hear from you!!

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