Have you ever found yourself scrambling to organize your pet’s things right before a trip only to arrive at your destination with the realization that you forgot key toys, meds, or accessories? Boy, we have. From bowls to chews, medications and waste bags, there’s a lot to keep track of. And it’s no fun when you forget something critical back at home. That’s why we’re saving you time and stress with this Pet Travel Checklist. It has absolutely everything you need to prepare before taking your pet to the lake (or on any adventure)!

We figured you might want to plan ahead in case some things need to be ordered, so we broke this pet travel checklist down into 5 key checkpoints:

-Six weeks before your trip

-One month before your trip

-One week before your trio

-24 hours before you leave

-Once you’re there

Time at the lake is supposed to be low-stress and worry free! Hopefully we can get you one step closer by helping you prepare for everything “Rover” might need for the trip.


6 weeks Before Your Departure Trip 

-Confirm that your pets’ vaccinations are up to date. Make sure you have an accurate record of each pet’s medications and up to date contact information for your vet.  You have plenty of time to schedule a trip to your veterinarian if needed.   

-Find your pets’ microchip number(s) if applicable. Keep them with the medication records. 

-Research the name of a veterinary clinic near your lake house and bring its contact information with you.    

-Order pet flotation devices (PFD) for each pet that might require one.    

-Peruse relevant local poisonous plants, herbs, insects and animals via this link http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/poisons/ 


1 Month Before  

-Check your pets’ collar tags to be sure they have accurate contact information and are readable. Replace as needed. 

-Assemble a pet first aid kit if your lake house is very remote.  The American Veterinarian Medical Association has specific recommendations detailed at this link:  https://www.avma.org/public/EmergencyCare/Pages/Supplies-Checklist.aspx 


1 Week Before Your Departure Date: 

-Check your pets’ food supplies and buy extra food now to ensure you have enough for the duration of your visit. 

-Review your supply of all pet medications and reach out to your vet for refills if needed. 

-Confirm that your pets’ heartworm and flea and ticks medications will be current during your trip or treat them now.    


24 Hours Before Departure: 

-Pre-pack a bowl and extra water bottles so your pet(s) can have a drink on the road.  

-Pre-pack any PDF’s you’ll need at the lake and the Pet first aid kit.  

-Pre-pack a roll of paper towels and a pet clean-up spray for accidents in the car or at the house.   

-Pre-pack dog waste bags!  

-Locate all the dog leashes you plan to take on the tripGet your pet or cat carrier ready if one of your pets is transported in a carrier.  

-Organize the pets’ foods, medications and pet records you need so they are ready to be packed. 


 At the Lake: 

-Track the time your dog is in direct or intense sunlightBe sure they have lots of water to drink.  

-Remember that dogs are also susceptible to cold weather issues. 

-Monitor what your pet eats outdoors and watch for bug bites.   

-Keep in mind that if your dog(s) gets into poison ivy, the plant oils which cause the itchy rash can be transferred from their fur to you and your children. 

-Use the pet flotation devices at the beach and in the boat. 



Are we forgetting something?? Pop your own ideas and travel suggestions down in the comments. We can’t wait to hear what you think of!