S’mores Desserts: Nearly a Century of Fun

S’mores is a favorite dessert at the campfire, lake or backyard when the family’s grilling. Roasting a s’mores dessert (graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow sandwich) over a fire is as popular today as it was nearly a century ago. The ritual of roasting s’mores was started by Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts! The name ‘s’more’ is a fun contraction of ‘some more’.  One of the first recipes for Graham Cracker Sandwiches is found in 1920’s recipe books. The Girls Scouts embraced the treat in 1927 by publishing a recipe for “Some More” in the Girl Scout Handbook, Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. But, the Boy Scouts loved s’mores, too. S’mores desserts are always on Boy Scout camping trips menus!

It’s all so Easy!

Why are s’mores desserts so popular? There are so many reasons!  First, there’re only three basic ingredients (marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers) in a s’more. These easy to source ingredients don’t need special storage or refrigeration. And, they’re really easy to transport.

A s’mores dessert is very satisfying to eat. It’s delightfully warm, gooey and features chocolate (yum). The flavors blend perfectly. Also, because you can hold it in your hand, it’s really easy to eat. No plate’s required!

Finally, s’mores desserts are delightfully versatile. The core ingredients can be enhanced with just a few other items to amp up the basic s’more. Let’s talk amp next!!

S’mores Dessert Smorgasbord

A fun idea for the family and guests is to have a S’mores Smorgasbord! The basic s’mores recipe of Graham crackers, pieces of chocolate and marshmallow can be simply modified by using new bases and adding extra toppings.  S’mores options are boundless as you add fruit, spreads, candies and more! Here are a few ideas about what you might include on your S’mores Smorgasbord. Make it your own by adding some of your favorite topping ideas.

Extra Toppings Ideas New Base Options
Bacon Vanilla wafers
Bananas Sugar cookies
Strawberries Chocolate Chip cookies
Raspberries Rice Krispie treats
Apple slices Donuts (halved)
Mounds Coconut bars Brownies (choc or blond)
Reece’s Peanut Butter cups Pancakes
York Peppermint patties Waffles
Caramel sauce Sweet Rice cakes
Nutella or Peanut Butter Pound Cake slices
Nuts (any kind) Biscotti

More Fun! Gourmet S’mores Desserts

Chefs from a handful of Texas resorts decided to celebrate with gusto the 2020 National S’mores Day by concocting some very creative s’mores dessert  variations. A standout idea for a unique s’more is called the ‘Reese’s Banana S’more’ by Chef Frank Majowicz’s (Lost Pines Resort, Cedar Creek, TX). Chef Majowicz puts together Reese’s peanut butter cups with bananas and a roasted marshmallow on a graham cracker.  Chef Emily Hill (Lone Star Court, Austin, TX) offers several new combos as well, But her Kitchen Sink S’more with pretzels, bacon, chocolate and marshmallows sounds over the top! To read all the recipes from these Chefs and get more ideas for a Smore’s Desserts Smorgasbord see the fun article from Cowboys & Indians magazine.

Finally, don’t wait too long to plan a S’mores Smorgasbord. It will tickle any family member or guest and it’s so simple. Just pick a selection of toppings and a few bases and make it your own. Watch your new s’mores creations unfold at the roaring bonfire!! I’m confident it will be one of the most fun and memorable S’mores desserts experiences your family will have at your bonfire or barbecue!