About Us

The concept of a family lake house has been part of our heritage for generations. The patriarch of our family, Bill Denniston, grew up going to his grandparent’s Lake House on Silver Lake, Wisconsin since the 1940s when all 3 of their sons would bring their families up to cool off from the Chicago summer heat.

In the 1950s Bill’s parents bought a neighboring property for their very own footprint on the lake and they carried only the fondest memories and most endearing stories from their many summers on the shores of Silver Lake.

Our current lake house, tucked in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, became part of our story in 1992, and now 30+ years later, the fifth generation of Denniston  family kids are experiencing the beauty of a lakeside sunset, the cool relief of a dip in the water, and the majesty of the loon call.

We get it friend. This lifestyle runs deep in our blood. We know, just like you, that a family lake house is a sacred thing. We know how much you love it and we love it too!

We created this website as a family project to come together and capture some of our favorite aspects of Lake House Livin’. We’re so eager to share with you and learn from you as we treasure this lifestyle together.

We’re planning to write about all kinds of Lake House related topics from entertaining suggestions, to pets at the lake, to real estate, recipes, décor, home maintenance, and so much more. We hope you’ll join us, tell us your stories, and become a part of ours!

From our family to yours—-




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